Saturday, February 26, 2011

Call for feedback on Children of Eden

Myself (looking sunburned, sweaty and blonde!) with Yvette Brander,
the great-great-great granddaughter of Ariitaimai and Alexander Salmon,
Tahiti, December 2007
Thank you one and all for reading the 13 episodes of Children of Eden: the Story of the Salmon Family of Tahiti on Midatlantic. This was very much the condensed version – the full book will contain more scenery and political and social context - plus lots more juicy details of the characters’ lives. Who needs soap operas when you have a true story as dramatic as this one to tell?!
Since I’m still writing the book itself, I would very much welcome your feedback on the extracts you’ve read on Midatlantic. Did you want to read more? Did the characters seem real and complex? Did any aspect of the story puzzle or confuse you or seem to be missing? (I know this story so well that I may have inadvertently left out some crucial piece of information without noticing.) Any comments and criticism you care to share will help me do justice to the amazing material I have been lucky enough to uncover. 
There are several ways you can send me feedback. On this blog, you can either leave a message in the comment box below (or below any of the individual posts that precede it) or take the short and sweet route by clicking on the brand new Response feature at the bottom of each post. It's small and therefore easy to miss but it's there!  
Otherwise, please feel free if the spirit moves you to send me an e-mail ( or – for those of you on Facebook – to comment either publicly or privately on my Facebook page.
Which is not to rule out the good old telephone or snail mail. All forms of communication are welcome.
Thank you!


  1. Well, you already know what I think--It's a tragic and beautiful tale that takes place in almost a blink of an eye and v cool that you discovered it. Your writing really does it justice. Bravo, buddy girl!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading "From the South Seas to the North Sea", and have been absolutely fascinated by your account of the Salmon family's history in these excerpts from "Children of Eden" (I myself am descended from John Salmom of Piccadilly). Is this latter work also due for publication any time soon? I do hope so; I would be after it like a shot! Keep up the good work!

    Colin Rowe, Germany,

  3. Thank you very much, Colin. Nice to hear from you again and I'm very glad you liked the short version of the book that I posted on Midatlantic. My work on Children of Eden has been in abeyance recently for various reasons but I really hope to get back to it soon. And I promise to let you know in advance if and when it finds a publisher. All the very best, Fiona